Hebes are flowering evergreen shrubs from the family Plantaginaceae that are largely native to New Zealand with some found in the Falkland Islands and South America

What is a Hebe?

Hebes are a huge and diverse group of hardy to half hardy evergreen shrubs varying in height from less than 0.5m to over 2.5m tall. Hebes come in many flower colours white, pink, red, purple and blue. Flowers are normally in spikes carried in late spring or summer and are attractive to butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Plant breeding has led to many different foliage colours with shades of green but also combinations of creams, pinks, reds and purples often in striking variegations during the winter and early spring.

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Where to plant a Hebe?

Hebes prefer full sun to partial shade and moist but well drained soil. Smaller forms look great patio pots as well as planted in the border. Larger forms can be used as flowering feature plants or as hedges or screening.

How to care for a Hebe?

Hebes need little extra care once established. Water young and pot grown plants during dry spells. Most hebes make bushy plants without pruning. If a plant is getting too big prune after flowering but not too hard. Large plants can be reduced in size by removing about one third of the growth at a time and then repeating once the plant has recovered and started growing again. Regular sprays of SB Plant Invigorator can help keep hebes free of pests and mildews.