Pennisetum or Fountain Grasses are attractive perennial grasses with showy plume like flowers that are members of the Poaceae family. Pennesitum are native to the warmer tropical and temperate parts of Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America.

What is a Pennisetum?

Pennisetum are frost tender grasses usually between 0.5m and 1m tall with graceful arching slender leaves in shades of green, russet brown, red and gold. Pennisetum have beautiful bottle brush like flowering stems carried above the foliage in late summer and autumn.

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Where to plant Pennisetum?

Pennisetum need a sunny spot with moist but well drained soil. Due to their frost tender nature Pennisetum are best suited to coastal or milder parts of the country. In colder parts pot grown plants that can be moved to frost free areas over winter will allow these beautiful plants to be grown. Pennisetum look great planted with other perennials to create a prairie type look.

How to care for a Pennisetum?

Pennisetum are easy plant to look after. Water pot grown and young plants in dry spells. Cut back hard old and damaged foliage in spring to allow fresh new growth to develop.