Miscanthus (Poaceae) is a low-growing species of perennial plant with long, almost leafless stems. It grows in clumps or can be grown in single stems to form a dense ground cover. These plants are grown by nurseries and sold to gardeners worldwide for their ability to produce an abundance of feathery flowers with a dark red colour throughout late spring to early summer. The Miscanthus (Poaceae) is perfect for use in home gardens or to add colour to your landscape.

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Miscanthus or Silvergrass grasses that belong to the Poaceae family. They are native to Africa, Asia, Europe and some Pacific islands.

What is a Miscanthus?

Miscanthus are hardy grasses varying in height from 0.5m to over 2m tall. They have attractive foliage which can be green, white, yellow, bronze, orange, red and purple with some plants having combinations of these colours in stripes and variegated markings. Miscanthus also have striking colourful feathery plumes of flowers in late summer and autumn.

Where to plant Miscanthus?

Miscanthus prefer full sun and moist but well drained soil. Smaller forms can be grown in patio pots whilst the larger plants can be used in borders or perhaps as a hedge or screen.

How to care for Miscanthus?

Miscanthus are easy plants to look after. Water young or pot grown plants in dry spells. Miscanthus can be cut back quite hard in early spring to promote fresh growth. Divide clumps that are getting to big at the same time.