Carex or Sedges are grass like plants that are part of the Cyperaceae family and are found in nature in almost every part of the globe.

What is a Carex?

Carex are hardy evergreen clump forming plants usually less than 1m in height. They are grown for their attractive colourful slender leaves. Foliage colours range from shades of green through vibrant gold, bronze and red. Many forms have striking variegated colour combinations. 

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Where to plant Carex?

Most Carex like a sunny or slightly shady spot with moist but well drained soil. There are some Carex that can be planted in damp conditions like pond edges. Carex are ideal for container growing as well as mixed border planting where they can be used to create prairie style planting with other perennial plants.

How to care for a Carex?

Carex are low maintenance plants. Water pot grown and young plants during dry spells. Remove old flower stalks and thin out dead leaves in the winter.