Garden Beauty Originals

Discover our very own Garden Beauty Originals. This range of unique species is fully propagated and grown by ourselves. Explore our newest Garden Beauties and fill your garden with the most beautiful garden plants of the moment. We grow our plants in a very sustainable way. All of our plants are grown with peat-free compost and are watered with rainwater from rainwater storage. Do you want to know more about environmentally friendly and sustainable growth? Read all about it on our environmental page.

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Homegrown Garden Beauty Originals

Garden Beauty Originals are developed at our own Lowaters nursery in Southampton, Hampshire. We breed and grow these plants ourselves, and they are of the highest quality you can get these days. We do our very best to create a collection of new, rare and gorgeous plants. Our chosen varieties perform well in gardens, balconies or patios. All of our plants are grown of 100% peat-free compost. This is because we believe in a greener future for humans, animals and nature. We continually test new varieties to provide the best range available. 

Unique plant range

Since we're breeding and growing these Garden Beauty Originals plants ourselves, they are unique and rarely available. We promise you the Garden Beauty Originals are the best of their kind, and you will certainly enjoy them in your garden or patio. Discover our Garden Beauty Originals range available on the webshop. This category contains scarce species, such as Cistus Pink Gin, Escallonia Pink Purse, and many Hebe variations. We are very proud of our own designed and grown varieties. Check our assortment and choose the ones you like. 

Stay Updated on Garden Beauty Originals

Because we fully grow our Garden Beauty Originals ourselves, we depend on the homegrown stock. If you want to be sure to own a Garden Beauty Original when it's back in stock, please leave your e-mail address to get notified. At our Lowaters nursery, we provide our plants with the best growing conditions possible. Think about the right temperatures, light conditions, water needs and of course: love! Add your favourite Garden Beauty Originals to your wishlist to buy them later when back in stock. 

Hebe Garden Beauty Originals

We have an extensive range of Hebe variations available on our webshop. We show you five of our favourites: 

  1. Hebe Blush Elegance (lowele)
  2. Hebe Garden Beauty Blue (cliv)
  3. Hebe Garden Beauty Purple (nold)
  4. Hebe Leopard (lowand)
  5. Hebe Sparkling Sapphires

Buy Garden Beauty Originals online from our webshop. We deliver nationwide and offer versatile varieties, from all year round to Summer-blooming. Select your amount of sun, the season of interest and your soil's type. Then, via the filter, you will find a Garden Beauty Original that perfectly fits your needs.