Dryopteris or Wood Ferns can be deciduous, semi evergreen or evergreen with beautiful arching fronds. They are members of the Dryopteridiodeae family and are native cool woodland areas in many parts of the world.

What is a Dryopteris?

Dryopteris are hardy ferns that grow up to 1m in height. They have an elegant appearance with arching fronds in colours that range from golden through bronze and shades of green.

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Where to plant Dryopteris?

There are many Dryopteris and there are forms that will grow in full sun to dense shade and in well drained and wetter soils. Dryopteris can be grown in garden borders, as underplanting for large shrubs and trees or in patio pots.

How to care for a Dryopteris?

Dryopteris are easy to care for if planted in the right place for the individual variety. They do need watering in dry spells and like mulching to keep the soil moist.