Dicksonia or Tree Ferns are from the plant order Cyatheales and they may have changed little from large ferns found in the Jurrassic and Cretaceous geological periods. Tree ferns in cultivation originate from Australia and New Zealand.

What is a Dicksonia?

Dicksonia are slow growing tree ferns that can eventually grow to in excess of 4m in height, they will only tolerate a light frost. With their long arching fern like leaves emerging from a long hairy looking trunk they add an exotic touch to a garden.

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Where to plant Dicksonia? 

Dicksoni needs a sheltered shady part of the garden with moist but well drained soil. Planted in a garden border they are best suited to coastal or milder parts of the country which will only have occasional light frost. Whilst young tree ferns can be pot grown which has the advantage that these can be moved to a frost free part of the garden.

How to care for a Dicksonia?

Dicksonia are easy to look after. Water young and pot grown plants during dry spells. Plant in a frost free area if possible or protect your tree fern from hard frost by covering the growing point with something like straw and wrapping the trunk and leaves in fleece over winter