Rainwater Harvesting

All the water used on the main site at Lowaters is collected from the glasshouse roofs, channelled through a range of biological cleaning systems and used to irrigate the crops. The only mains water used on the site now is to drink and even the toilets flush with recycled water.

This project has involved building a 7 million litre reservoir, installing a collection system on the nursery to collect all roof runoff with a network of pipes and pumps to move water around - in keeping with our ISO 14001 certification we have chosen to use biological cleaning methods and are using a gravel filter and Iris beds coupled with a highly aerobic system to remove pathogens and ensure the water is suitable for application to the nursery.

We have been using our 'biological' water since summer 2010 and are seeing many crop benefits, with our plants are looking healthier and greener with a noticeable reduction in disease in many crops.

Efficient water management at our nursery

Solar panels are used at our plant nursery


Solar panels coupled with our energy saving initiatives generates over 30% of our annual electricity.

Waste management at our nursery


Since 2007 we have reduced our waste to landfill by 82% through reduction and recycling.

Bio friendly pest & disease management

Pest & disease

Through integrated pest management we have reduced pesticide usage by 25%.

Water efficiency award nursery

Rainwater harvesting

Our 7 million litre reservoir and collection system makes us self sufficient in water a 100% reduction!