Sustainable Growing Media (Peat Free)

Since 2008 the Nursery has been trialing and working very hard on reducing the use of Peat from within all our used growing media (composts). Working in conjunction with multiple suppliers we are proud to announce we have now fully achieved a completely peat free nursery, where the entire Garden Beauty range has been grown in a sustainable growing media since the start of 2012.

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Hebes ready for sale grown in a bark mix

We are using a bark based mix which is sourced from British and European sustainably managed forests. This ensures continuity of supply whilst protecting the Environment and has been a positive step for us with both commercial and Environmental gains for the business.

  • Healthy Roots - The key to a healthy plant is in it's roots and we have seen excellent root development throughout the pot in this new media.
  • Healthy Foliage - The foliage and the growth of our plants have been comparable to or even better than previously achieved in an ordinary peat mix.
  • Shelf life - We have carried out extensive destructive shelf life testing, by putting the plants onto a concrete area in full sun. Contrary to many fears we have found peat free mixes sustain a plants needs for several days without any additional water, even during the Summer time.
  • Better Presentation - Because the surface of the pot is drier the compost is cleaner and less prone to weed and liverwort growth. In addition to this we now bark top every plant to suppress potential weeds even further!

We have seen many varieties improve in this mix including: Hebe, Cistus, Gaura and Lavandula to name a few - we believe this mix is both sustainable and well suited to our production methods and enables us to stop using peat which is a valuable Environmental asset.

Young plants bark compost

Young plants grown in a bark compost


Solar panels are used at our plant nursery


Solar panels coupled with our energy saving initiatives generates over 30% of our annual electricity.

Waste management at our nursery


Since 2007 we have reduced our waste to landfill by 82% through reduction and recycling.

Bio friendly pest & disease management

Pest & disease

Through integrated pest management we have reduced pesticide usage by 25%.

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Rainwater harvesting

Our 7 million litre reservoir and collection system makes us self sufficient in water a 100% reduction!