Energy consumption at Garden Beauty

Reducing our energy consumption is a long term goal and initially, we replaced all the thermostats with more accurate digital ones. This enables us to gain better control of heating throughout all of our glasshouses on-site. We also installed a Tomtec computer which also helps assist us with this goal. 

We use circulation fans to keep the air moving in the glasshouses and linking these to humidistats means they are only on when required.

We installed a Photo Voltiec solar system in 2011 to generate electricity which will drastically reduce our electricity usage by at least one third. 


We're using solar panels at our nursery

Solar panels are used at our plant nursery


Solar panels coupled with our energy saving initiatives generates over 30% of our annual electricity.

Waste management at our nursery


Since 2007 we have reduced our waste to landfill by 82% through reduction and recycling.

Bio friendly pest & disease management

Pest & disease

Through integrated pest management we have reduced pesticide usage by 25%.

Water efficiency award nursery

Rainwater harvesting

Our 7 million litre reservoir and collection system makes us self sufficient in water a 100% reduction!