Environmentally friendly and sustainable growing

At Garden Beauty, we are very proud of the way that we grow our plants. The way we grow the plants is apparent in all of our activities with many initiatives to make our plant production more environmentally responsible and sustainable. Over the past years, Garden Beauty has built a serious track record in reducing the footprint by investing in solar energy, waste reduction and becoming self-sufficient for water supply.

We strongly believe that plants hold the key to solving many environmental issues and ensure that our commercial production techniques are not negating this. The key focus here at Garden Beauty is on reducing inputs of water, fuel and pesticides whilst reducing waste and increasing recycling.

Many people believe that growing any plant is always eco-friendly and sustainable because plants obviously take up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. However, it is not as simple as that, unfortunately.

At Garden Beauty, we have identified many processes that are responsible for releasing dangerous gases into the atmosphere and producing excessive waste and we have reduced it as much as we can. In fact, this is an ongoing process for us to make sure we are getting better at growing our plants in a sustainable way, every day. 

With our own water reservoir with a capacity of 7 million litres, we are now self-sufficient in water. With our ongoing efforts to reduce waste and increase the use of solar energy we are looking to optimise our operation even further.

Energy saving intiatives

Solar panels coupled with our energy-saving initiatives generate over 30% of our annual electricity.

Waste reduction and recycling

Since 2007, we have reduced our waste to landfill by 82% through reduction and recycling.

Pest & disease

Through integrated pest management we have been able to reduce our pesticide usage by no less than 25%.

Rainwater harvesting

Our water reservoir with a capacity of a whopping 7 million litre in combination with our rainwater collection system makes us completely self-sufficient in water, which is a 100% reduction!