Trachelospermum also know as Star Jasmine or Asiatic Jasmine are twining climbing shrubs form the Apocynaceae family. They are native to southern and eastern Asia.

What is a Trachelospermum?

Trachelospermum are hardy climbing plants that can reach between 1m and over 4m in height given appropriate support. Their foliage varies from green through gold and bronze to some reds and purple. Trachelospermum are mainly grown for their star like fragrant flowers in white, cream and pink which appear in summer.

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Where to plant Trachelospermum?

Trachelospermum like a sheltered spot with full sun or partial shade with a dryish soil. They make great patio plants with a cane or trellis support, alternatively they can be grown as wall plants or on trellis panels. Try to plant near to house doors and windows or pathways where the fragrance can be appreciated.

How to care for Trachelospermum?

Trachelospermum are easy plants to look after once established. Water young and pot grown plants in dry spells. If pruning is required this should be done after flowering or in early spring well before flowering season.