Akebia or Chocolate Vine are shrubby climbing plants that are members of the Lardizabalaceae family. They are native to Japan, China and Korea.

What is an Akebia?

Akebia are hardy evergreen or semi evergreen climbing plants that can reach heights of over 10m given appropriate support. They are grown for their fragrant chocolate scented and striking flowers which appear in spring and are often pink, red or purple. There are some rarer white or cream forms. The flowers are followed by unusual purple or white sausage shaped fruits.

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Where to plant Akebia?

Akebia prefer full sun or partial shade with moist but well drained soil. As a climbing plant they will require some support by training as a wall plants or on a trellis frame.

How to care for Akebia?

Akebia will need watering as young plants during dry spells and can be pruned after flowering to control size and encourage fresh young growth.