Climbers are versatile plants that can be used to cover a wall, clamber over a pergola or add colour to a bed spreading through other plants. Some varieties are self-clinging and others require tying and support – they are useful in a garden to add colour without using many areas up. There are some beautiful selections available and many genera such as Trachelospernum carry a rich fragrance and spread a lovely scent around your garden. Research has also shown that growing climbers up a building can reduce heat loss in winter and cool a building in the summer.

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When to plant climbers

Climbers can be planted throughout the year, as long the ground is not frozen. We grow our climbers in pots, making them perfect for planting out in spring or the fall. Choose your spot wisely, climbers often don’t like strong winds, and some types need some direct sunlight to produce beautiful flowers.

Why you should plant climbers

Climbers make a fantastic addition to your garden. With their beautiful foliage and stunning blooms, they easily cover up a wall, fence or barn. If you want to give your garden a romantic look, you should definitely consider planting climbers. Climbers only need small space to grow, and once they’re established, they show bright colours and, sometimes, even spread a lovely scent. Scented climbers in our webshop are:

How to plant climbers

Climbers are easy to plant. Some, like clematis, need a little support by growing. Others, like ivy, cling to walls directly and don’t need any help. Depending on the variety you’re planting, you need to find the right spot.

  • Dig a hole that’s about 30-60 cm from the wall.
  • Two times the width and a little deeper than the pot.
  • Break up hard soil and mix in some compost and potting soil.
  • Place the climber in the hole and backfill the soil, adding feed such as fish and bonemeal.
  • Tread the soil around the rootball firmly and water thoroughly.

The rule of thumb for planting climbers is to dig a hole twice the width but no deeper than the pot it came in.

Evergreen climbers

If you want to create year-round interest, evergreen climbers are perfect for you. You can support climbers to climbing up fences, arches or pergolas. Climbers are suitable to create a little privacy from peaky neighbours and a busy world. By adding evergreen climbers to your garden, you bring a touch of style and sophistication to your outside space all year round. Evergreen climbers are known for their bold foliage, stunning patterns and for softening your garden throughout the whole year. Discover our range of evergreen climbers by selecting ‘Evergreen’ in our filter.  

Climbers for shade

If you don’t have a sunny fence, wall, or pergola, but you still want to grow beautiful climbers, here’s our list of shade-loving climbers:

Evergreen climbers for shade can be grown in full shade spots in the garden to add year-round interest to your outdoors.

Fast growing climbers

Parthenocissus tricuspidata Beverley Brook, also known as the Boston Ivy, is one of the fastest climbers in the UK and adds beautiful colours to your garden all year round. This deciduous woody-stemmed climber is mostly grown for its Autumn colour palette, which contains foliage in bright red. The leaves are velvety, deep green, the red with pinkish veins with purple, followed by dark blueberries.

Order climbers online

Whether you’re looking for annual climbers or perennial climbers, Garden Beauty offers a fine selection. Select your favourites in our webshop and add them to your basket. We ship nationwide and make sure our plants arrive in good condition. Please read our aftercare tips to make your climber grow healthy and strong.

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