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Buddleja brings a year-round structure to your garden and forms the backbone of your outdoors. Did you know that buddleias attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators? Garden Beauty offers a distinctive range of buddleja varieties that will give your garden a glow. Discover our assortment and buy buddleja online.

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Buddleja Varieties

Garden Beauty offers over 15 different varieties of Buddleja shrubs. The products range from pink-coloured species to purple and orange varieties. Use the filter in the webshop to select your favourite Buddleja. Before you add Buddleja products to your basket, it’s essential to know where you will be planting the shrub. Some Buddleias prefer full sun while other handle semi-shade. Consider the length and width of the plant: I can become huge when mature. Also, decide whether you want an evergreen or a deciduous variety. Evergreen plants hold onto their foliage all year round.

Top-5 favourite Buddleja varieties

Garden Beauty offers a wide range of Buddleja shrubs, which makes it hard to choose a favourite. We have selected five of our most popular Buddleja shrubs:

  1. Buddleja dav. Summerhouse Blue

  2. Buddleja Globosa

  3. Buddleja dav. Berries and Cream

  4. Buddleja x w Pink Pagoda

  5. Buddleja davidii Sugar Plum (Longplum)

Besides these five popular plants, we stock more to discover. Enter our webshop and explore our range.

How To Grow Buddleja

Buddleja is very easy to grow and requires little care. Most Buddleias flower from early summer to late summer. If you also want to enjoy its beauty, place your order in Garden Beauty’s webshop. It’s easy done, and we will ship your plants within 3-5 working days so that you can get started soon. Here’s how to take care of Buddleja shrubs:

  1. Plant in spring in well-drained soil
  2. Prefers a sunny location and need protection from strong winds
  3. Prune in early spring, before the flower season starts or right after flowering in late summer, depending on the buddleja.
  4. Remove spent flowers after flowering to extend the bloom period

Buy Buddleja Online

Buying Buddleja online has never been so easy as from Garden Beauty. Enter the webshop, select your favourite Buddleja varieties, add them to your basket and fill in your information. You can securely pay online with Mastercard debit or credit card, Visa credit card or PayPal. We will make sure your order will be transported securely and within 3-5 working days. If you have any questions about buying Buddleja online, please get in touch with us.

Buddleja Home Delivery

If you buy Buddleja plants from Garden Beauty, you will receive a 2-3 litre pot. We securely pack our plants in plant-proof boxes to keep your plants safe during transport. When you receive your plants, it’s important to unpack them right after the deliverer has left your house. The plants have been in the boxes for a while, so they need daylight to recover from the ride. Please read our Aftercare Advice page if you want to know how to care for your brand new Buddleja.