About us

In 2013, we celebrated our 50th anniversary by winning the 'Nursery Stock Grower of the Year'.

The home of Garden Beauty was established by Peter Lowater in 1963 - Peter is still very much involved in the nursery today.

The nursery capitalises on the unique South Coast location to grow a wide variety of plants, which are often thought of as hard to produce. This includes Hebes which the nursery specialises in growing. Over 180,000 Hebes are grown per annum on site. We have introduced many new varieties over the years and continue to focus on breeding.

We grow a further 300,000 plants across a wide number of genera to make our range as interesting and unique as possible. 

A Brief History of The Nursery

  • 1963 Established by Peter Lowater growing strawberries with 7.5 acres of land 
  • 1969 A further 5 acres of land was purchased and the nursery changed from Strawberry to Tomato production
  • 1970 Added Rhubarb production
  • 1973 Installed the first NFT Tomato system in the UK 
  • 1983 The nursery started to grow ornamental garden plants developing a niche for Hebe's, Southern Hemisphere, New and Unusual plants which continues today.
  • 1991 Tomato production ceased and the nursery began producing Ornamental Garden Plants
  • 1995 Purchased our Richmond site a further 4 acres of land
  • 1996 Gained Investors in People (we are no longer registered but continue to work within the frameworks set down)
  • 1999 Changed from partnership to limited company
  • 2004 Garden Beauty brand launched to Garden Centres
  • 2005 The nursery achieved BOPP certification (we no longer have registration but maintain many of the principles in our activities and records)
  • 2008 The nursery achieved registration to ISO 14001
  • 2010 Rainwater harvesting unit implemented and on August 1st ceased to use mains water for irrigation
  • 2011 Photovoltaic cells installed to generate electricity
  • 2012 Whole team achieved NVQ business improvement techniques
  • 2012 Winners of the Environment Agency 'Water Efficiency Award'
  • 2013 Awarded 'Nursery Stock Grower of the Year'
  • 2015 Garden Beauty Web Shop launched

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